Born in Germany, I spent most of my youth in South Africa, Sweden and Luxemburg. I am now living in the Netherlands.

My passions are textiles and colours. I guess it all began when I lived in Johannesburg. Every day on my way to school, I admired a group of ladies sitting under the trees, making and selling their crafts: embroideries, beadwork in all forms and sizes, jewelry and small furniture made of woven grass. Everything was boldly coloured in combinations I had never seen before. Of course I wanted to learn how to make these things!

Later, I studied Industrial Design and got my MA at Universität der Künste Berlin and a PhD in Design from Delft University of Technology. Since then, I work as a designer, researcher and teacher. Working with textiles, especially weaving and embroidery, however, remains my favourite. I love to combine state-of-the-art tools, such as image editing software, computer-driven looms and embroidery machines with traditional techniques.

The tension between craftsmanship and industrial design intrigues me. Which role do crafts play in a world that is completely industrialised and digitised? The knowledge on textile design is shifting: new techniques arise which enhance the efficiency of processes. On the other hand, technical knowledge that does not lead to faster and cheaper production is getting lost at a fast pace. This also has a deep impact on the aesthetics of textiles.

I am exploring the interplay of crafts and industrial design and their possible meaning: making fabrics that look industrial, but can only be realised in time-consuming artisanal work. Or digitising hand-made fabrics into complex embroideries that are carried out by a computer and can be mass-produced endlessly.

You can find more about me on, the platform for textile and fiber artists.